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K9 Mambo

K-9 Officer Mambo


Mambo in front of car with vest on

Mambo with Deputy Burks

K9 Mambo is a Belgian Malinois working dog. He was born in Mexico, where he began his Law Enforcement Training. He was then moved to the K9 Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. He trained for 3 months before being purchased by the Franklin County Sheriff's Office. We were able to purchase Mambo with drug and seizure money from crimes committed in this county. Deputy Billy Burks was chosen to be Mambo's handler. Deputy Burks was sent to Little Rock, Arkansas to the K9 Academy where he and Mambo trained together to acclimate Mambo to his handler. Mambo is trained and certified in Narcotics Detection, Criminal Apprehension, and Search and Rescue Tracking.