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The Administration of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office is made up of the Chief Clerk, a Criminal Division Clerk, a Civil Division Clerk and an Office Clerk.


Mrs. Poore's duties include managing of the financial accounts for the sheriff's office, providing administrative assistance to the sheriff, and representing the sheriff's office on the Franklin County Domestic Violence Coalition Board.

Denise Poore
Denise Poore
Chief Clerk 
Jennifer Puckett
Jennifer Puckett
Criminal Division Clerk


Mrs. Puckett's duties include entering all arrest warrants received by the sheriff's office, registering convicted felons and convicted sex offenders, updating sections of the office website and assisting with the issuance of pistol permits.

If you are a sex offender needing to register or you have information regarding a sex offender, please contact Mrs. Puckett at 256-332-8812.



Mrs. Clark's duties include entering all civil documents received for service; Victim Services including: return phone calls to victims for investigation, calling victims to pick up recovered property, updating victims on case status, and victim messages for investigation;
assisting with the issuance of pistol permits.

Stacy Clark
Stacy Clark
Civil Division Clerk


Samuel Cosby
Office Clerk

Mr. Cosby's duties include issuing pistol permits, answering incoming phone calls to the office, updating sections of the office website, and assisting the general public that come into the office.