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Methamphetamine is the most dangerous and devastating drug we have ever encountered. It is eroding the very fabric of our society, threatening the safety and welfare of our children and grown-ups, alike.

Meth destroys the lives of its users. They lose their homes, their jobs, and their families. They abandon their children, beat their spouses, lie, cheat, and steal.

Meth is also the only drug we know of that actually cannibalizes its users- eating the body's muscle and tissue from the inside out. Although being made from some of the most toxic substances known to man, it continues to be the most popular drug in use in our community today.

Iodine, Muriatic Acid, Liquid Drano, Coleman Fuel, Ammonia, Clorox, Red Devil Lye, Kerosene, and lithium battery acid are just some of the toxic substances used in making methamphetamine...Still want to try it?

ZEROMETH is a public awareness campaign is to expose meth and its deadly consequences to our teens and young adults. The goal is to stop first-time users from trying the drug while encouraging everyone to look for the warning signs and support treatment. Through education and prevention we hope to stop the cycle of meth addiction. This campaign is designed to create hard-hitting and memorable impressions, leaving no doubt that meth is a poison and its use must be stopped. It is also designed to saturate the local community with the Zerometh logo in an attempt to keep the issue of meth prevention on the minds and hearts of all our citizens.

It is time to reclaim our communities- it's time to fight back! Go to, or call my office to learn what you can do to help fight this dangerous drug.

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