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From the Desk of Shannon Oliver


On Oct. 04 2022, Investigators with The Franklin County Sheriff's Office arrested Vincente Ortiz for two counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child less than 12 years old. The teenage sibling of the two victims had reported the incidents to a teacher at a local school. The school then contacted DHR who then notified The Franklin County Sheriff's Office. The victims were interviewed at their residence and disclosed the sexual contact to DHR and Investigators. During the investigation it was learned that Ortiz had sexual contact with the two individuals when they would enter the bathroom of their home. Allegedly, Ortiz would get drunk and then fondle the victims. The victims lived with Ortiz during the time of the incidents. During questioning, Ortiz denied the allegations. It was learned that the victims had disclosed to another person prior to the schoolteacher learning it and reporting it to DHR. That person was interviewed and told investigators that the victims had informed her of the contact but did not give a reason why she never contacted law enforcement. A Judge has set Ortiz's bond at $75,000. The investigation is still ongoing.


In the Alabama Code of 1975, Sexual Contact means any touching of the sexual or other intimate parts of a person, done for the purpose of gratifying the sexual desire of either party. [13A-6-60(3)]