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Over 2 Pounds of Methamphetamine Seized- Franklin County


     On 07/21/2019 Investigators from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and Russellville Police Department assigned to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Region E Drug Task Force, developed information leading to the seizure of a large quantity of Methamphetamine.

     In the afternoon of 07/21/2019 Task Force Agents from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, The Franklin County District Attorney's Office, and Deputies with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office conducted a search warrant at 301 Aycock Loop near Russellville AL. Agents found and seized approximately 2.39 pounds of Crystal Methamphetamine. Taken into custody was Cindy Zamora of 301 Aycock Loop Russellville AL. Zamora was charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine. As of this release Zamora remains in the Franklin County Jail.



Cindy Zamora

  Meth bust evidence on table  
  Meth bust evidence on scale