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Joint Operation leads to Five Arrests


On 6/3/15 in a joint operation, Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit and ALEA Narcotics agents conducted a controlled buy of a trafficking amount of methamphetamine with a street value of $2800.00 dollars.

Following the initial buy Franklin County Narcotics investigators and ALEA agents conducted surveillance of the initial target and identified the supplier of the methamphetamine that was purchased. A traffic stop of the supplier was initiated and the money used in the controlled buy as well as an additional quantity of methamphetamine was recovered. In addition, two other subjects in the vehicle with the supplier were found to have outstanding warrants and were arrested.

Following this arrest, the investigation led to a source of supply in Haleyville in Winston County.

Franklin County Narcotics agents, ALEA agents, Winston County Sheriff’s Narcotics investigators and Winston County DA's Office investigators continued the investigation into the source of supply. Information was gathered that ultimately led to a search warrant at a home in Haleyville.

Found at the residence were three more subjects, 6 ounces of methamphetamine with a street value of $22,400.00 dollars, and approximately $11,000 dollars cash.

Total seizures for the day’s effort were:              6-2015 seized items             
8 ounces of methamphetamine
$11,700.00 cash
2 vehicles
5 arrests



Arrested and booked at the Franklin County Detention Center were Jeffery Wright and Cody Barnes.

Jeffery Wright
Jeffery Wright, DOB: 7/26/81
  Cody Barnes
Cody Barnes, DOB: 9/12/80



Arrested and booked at the Winston County Detention Center were Gladys Rodriguez, Emily Young, and Bailey Justice.

gladys rodriguez
Gladys Rodriguez, DOB: 10/5/82
emily young
Emily Young, DOB: 6/24/82
bailey justice
Bailey Justice, DOB: 10/18/88