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        The Patrol Division has three patrol shifts of 13 full-time deputies, 1 part time process server, and 2 school resource officers.  The Patrol Division operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Patrol deputies patrol approximately 650 square miles to deter crime in the county of 31,000 residents.  Patrol deputies are responsible for answering and handling complaints, taking Incident/Offense reports, making arrests, transporting inmates, serving warrants and juvenile pick-up orders.  They also provide assistance to local law enforcement agencies and surrounding areas when needed.



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Capt. Mark Latham


Lt. Ryan Zedrow
SRO Brent Wells

Deputy Chase White Deputy Kerry Hallman
Deputy Richie Michael
Deputy Taylor Weclowski

SRO Regina Cantrell



  doug hallman.jpgDeputy Doug Hallman

 jonathan copeland.jpgSgt. Jonathan Copeland




billy burks.jpgDeputy Billy Burks


   adam mitchell.jpgSgt. Adam Mitchell
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