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Merry Christmas

I would like to thank you for your interest you have shown for our website.  We are proud that a large number of our citizens have signed up for e-mail alerts and hope you continue to find our site helpful and beneficial in a variety of ways.  Since our site began in September of this year, we have had twelve arrests of persons who were featured on our “Most Wanted” section.  Many of these arrests occurred directly due to tips received from someone who saw them on the website.  Please check our site often for new updates and also sign up for the e-mail alerts.

 Also, as the holiday season fast approaches us, be cautious and alert for burglaries and thefts.  If possible, talk with neighbors in your community about watching out for each other’s homes when they aren’t occupied.  Look out for any suspicious or unknown vehicles in your area.  Thefts may occur during Christmas shopping as well, so take precautions while shopping and put purchases in a trunk out of site.  Another safety issue at this time of year is the extra amount of traffic on the roads.  Remember to slow down when in a heavy traffic situation, use signals correctly and watch for increased pedestrian traffic.

 I wish everyone a very Safe and Merry Christmas.



  Sheriff Shannon Oliver