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FCSO Incident Report



If you need to file a report, please fill out the following form with as much information possible to ensure that the report is as accurate and detailed as possible.

  • If you are reporting a forgery case, you must provide forgery documents from your bank, before a case can be started.
  • If you are reporting a theft case, please attach a copy and a detailed list description of each item and a value for each item. Please provide any serial numbers to any reported items, if available. If you are reporting a stolen gun or tag, please come file your report at our office due to additional paperwork requiring a signature.
  • If you are reporting a felony case, ONLY an investigator can pursue these charges and will be in contact with you regarding your case within a reasonable amount of time.
  • If your case is a misdemeanor case you can pick up a copy of this report within 24-48 hours and take it to the clerks office for review. Please call ahead of time to make sure your report is ready to pick up.
  • If you have any documentation that you feel is beneficial to your case, please have a copy made and leave with this form.

This information will be used to create your ALABAMA INCIDENT/OFFENSE REPORT. Therefore, provide all information asked of you to hinder any delay in your report process. Your report will be processed within 24 hours and available for pickup within 48 hours, unless other arrangements have been made.