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[GUN LAW CHANGES] As of January 1, 2023, eligible Alabamians are allowed to carry firearms without having to purchase a license from the state. Permitless carry, also called constitutional carry, was among the more contentious issues during the 2022 regular legislative session. Once HB 272 was passed, it did away with certain laws, most notably those requiring persons to buy a permit to carry a weapon concealed in their vehicle or on their person. It also changed the definition of a shotgun to comply with technological advancements in shotgun design. The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has received numerous inquiries about how this new law will affect our citizens. Here are a few common questions and answers that we are providing to our citizens.


🔵Who can carry:

The new law does not change who is allowed to possess and carry a weapon; it only removed the requirement to have a permit. Any person over 18 who has not been convicted of a violent crime - including misdemeanor domestic violence - has not been adjudicated mentally deficient and does not currently have a protective order against them may carry a concealed weapon in Alabama. The new law also changed language in Alabama's existing code, which clarifies that the mere possession or carrying of a firearm in a public place cannot be construed as a crime. Only if a person is "brandishing" a firearm can they be arrested or charged with disorderly conduct. Brandishing is defined as "waving, flourishing, displaying, or holding of an item in a manner that is threatening or would appear threatening to a reasonable person, with or without explicit verbal threat, or in a wanton or reckless manner."


🔵Where you can carry:

Federal law prohibits carrying on several locations, such as military bases, federal courthouses, federal law enforcement offices, and others; those remain restricted whether or not you have a permit.  In Alabama, a person may not carry a concealed weapon in police departments, sheriff's offices, courthouses, courthouse annexes, prisons, jails, psychiatric facilities, drug treatment facilities, and halfway houses.  A person without a permit may not carry a concealed weapon on private property without the owner's express permission. However, this falls under trespassing law, meaning you could only be charged with trespassing for refusing to leave a business or property after being asked by the owner.



The new law has not done away with permits. Any applicable person can still obtain a concealed weapons permit from the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.  In fact, for those who regularly travel, it may be more advantageous to maintain a permit to avoid legal issues when traveling to other states. The funds from permit sales support Equipment and Training.



With the exception of Florida, every neighboring state with Alabama also has permitless carry laws.  Some exceptions exist in each state, so you should always research a state's gun laws before traveling there while armed.  Most states that do not have permitless carry laws recognize Alabama permits as valid, known as reciprocity. Currently, Alabama permits are recognized by Mississippi, Georgia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Indiana.  If traveling to another state, one would have to obtain a permit recognized by that specific state.  South Carolina is the only southern state not to share reciprocity with Alabama.  Citizens must have an Alabama pistol permit if required by that specific state. Always study state laws before traveling with a weapon.


🔵Police interaction:

Under the new law, a law enforcement officer may relieve a person of their weapon if the officer has "reasonable suspicion" that the person has committed or is planning to commit a crime.  The officer may also relieve a person of their weapon if the person presents a threat to themselves, the officer, or the public.  Under the previous rules, citizens were not compelled to inform police if they had a weapon in their vehicle or on their person. However, the new law does require the disclosure of that information if asked by an officer.  A person is also prohibited from touching their weapon during the course of a police interaction unless otherwise directed by police.


Laws change, so it is always important to research them and stay aware of changes and how they may affect you.


If you are a resident of Franklin County and are at least 18 years old, you may apply for a concealed weapons permit by filling out an application and bringing your driver's license to our office, during regular office hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Your AL DL needs to include your Franklin County address on it. Click here to apply online.

Concealed weapons permits are currently $12.50 per year in Franklin County.  As of January 1, 2023 you may purchase your permit for one year or five years.  The prices for the permit are: one year $12.50; and five years $62.50.  Lifetime permits are also now part of the new law.  However, the systems and software for issuing these permits are still being implemented at this time.

You may pay for your permit by cash, check, debit or credit.  If paying with a debit or credit card there is a processing fee that is added to the total price of the permit.  This fee is not kept by the county, it goes to the internet company that processes the payment.

No.  The pistol permit ID system that we use generates a hard plastic card with your photo on it, therefore you will need to come in to the office to have the photo taken each time you renew the permit.

No. Since we have to make a photo of the person a permit is issued to, each person has to come in to the office to obtain or renew a permit.

You may pick up an application at the Franklin County Commission's Office located in the Elizabeth Lucas Annex across from the Franklin County Courthouse or at the Sheriff's Office at 748 Walnut Gate Road, Russellville, AL 35654. When you fill out the application put "Reserve Deputy" in the Position Applied For area, then turn in the application at the Sheriff's Office.  An ad will be placed in the Franklin County Times newspaper when applications for a new reserve class are being accepted.






To apply for any employment position within the Sheriff's Office, pick up an application at the Franklin County Commission's Office located at the Elizabeth Lucas Annex across the road from the Franklin County Courthouse.  When you have filled out the application, please return it to the Commission's Office.  Your application will remain on file for one year from application date.

If you made a report with a deputy, you may pick up a copy of the report at the Sheriff's Administrative Office located at 748 Walnut Gate Road.  The Sheriff's Office is in the building named the Larry H. Plott Administrative Annex.  Enter the building on the side next to the jail at the door marked Sheriff's Office entrance.  Please bring a photo ID such as a Driver's License with you.  We can only release the incident report to the person who had the report made and only if you have proper ID.

Please go to the Detention Center page.  There you will find the section for the inmate visitation.

Please go to the Detention Center page.  You can scroll down the page to find the list of items that may be brought to an inmate while he/she is in holding.

You may contact the Franklin County Detention Center (Jail) at 256-332-8425.  Please understand that if the inmate's charges require them to see a judge for a bond to be set, the jail staff may not know what amount the bond will be nor when the judge will call for the inmate for the bond hearing.

Please go to the Detention Center page.  There you can scroll to the section on Inmate Bonds for further information.

Under the Detention Center page, you will find the instructions for sending mail to an inmate.  Also, in that section, you will find information regarding inmate mail restrictions. Please pay attention to these restrictions to prevent the inmate's mail being rejected and/or destroyed.

Please go to the Detention Center page.  There you can scroll through the page to the Inmate Commissary section for more information.

Please go to the Detention Center page.  There you can scroll to the Inmate Phone section for additional information.